Clean Bamboo Forest, Ecological Culture City Damyang!

Damyang-gun Mayor Choi Hyeong-shik

I hope all is well with you.
I am “Clean Bamboo Forest, Ecological Culture City Damyang“ Mayor Choi Hyeong-shik

In 1018, the 9th year of Goryeo King Hyeonjong, the forebears named this land ‘Damyang’, which has since stood the test of a thousand years.

The year of 2018, a ‘millennium of Damyang naming’, set a new milestone to plan for another millennium into the future with the ‘value of sustainable eco-city and humanity’.

Continuously integrating eco-tour resources with cultural resources, Damyang-gun will heavily focus on establishing a whole new set of cultural tour infrastructures and satisfying more tourists.


Based on the value of eco-city and humanity, Damyang-gun will enhance the quality of eco-city policies and reinforce the self-governing capabilities with resident involvement and decentralization, taking a great leap for 'Millennial City, Damyang’through its originality.


Damyang-gun Mayor Choi Hyeong-shik

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